Bryanna and Michael

Bryanna and Michael Wedding:
January 31, 2016 

As a bride, I understand how important it is to select the right photographer for the “big day”. You, and others, will forget the small details of the wedding, but photographs are the only lasting memories you’ll have forever - so be sure to make the right investment.  

It is with great enthusiasm and confidence I write Kell a recommendation for her photography services. Knowing Kell now as a close friend, I can attest that she gives 110% effort in every aspect of her life. She was my immediate go to for our engagement and wedding photos. Her naturally sweet demeanor immediately makes anyone – friends and strangers – feel completely relaxed, which is important to “natural” looking photos.  Her adorable Australian accent is music to your ears too, which I’m sure helps in making you feel comfortable. Her zest for making others “shine” is paramount, this is her passion and she’s really darn good at it.  

Beyond her amazing photography skills, Kell’s level of professionalism, care and commitment are exceptional.  I don’t want to set expectations, but we received our photos before we returned from our honeymoon. The copies were electronic, and the platform made it easy to order various size prints. I easily shared to friends/family too.  Kell’s attention to detail and quality of photos far exceeded our expectations, I’m certain you’ll have the same experience.