Andrea and William

Andrea and William Wedding: 


October 28, 2017 


We were starting to plan our wedding and had no idea where to begin our photographer search. I was introduced to Kell and the skies opened and the birds sang! She is the sweetest, most patient, and chipper person I know. She completely eased my nerves by giving me photography ideas, poses, etc. We communicated constantly until the day of my wedding which allowed me no worries or anxiety.

Kell showed up earlier than expected and worked alongside our planner through the day. I never knew she was there - yet when I saw my pictures, she was everywhere! She stayed by our side all day long and I couldn’t love her more for that! I look at my pictures daily and find hidden gems each time I do. I feel blessed that Kell was there for our family on our big day. She has given us treasures to last a lifetime! She’s the best!