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Choosing a photographer for the biggest day of your lives together is an investment.  And with all the oh-so-many wedding planning choices you have to make, this is the decision that lasts. This is the most tangible part of your love story so don’t compromise your memories of this day.


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My Kind of Bride

1. You are quick to laugh and fun loving
2. You are not afraid to do your own thing on your wedding day - non-white dress, elope on a mountaintop, first look, camel rides, margarita slushies, you just want your personality to be seen
3. You are kindhearted and love people
4. You and your fiancé are laid back, incredibly in love best friends, wanting to adventure and explore this world together
5. You are planning a marriage together, not just a wedding day

If this sounds like you, click below and let's schedule a time to have a drink, share a laugh, and you can figure out if you and I are a good fit!

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fun fact: I don't just shoot weddings, take a look at the other kind of photos I take

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