Some dreams take a village.

And when you’re a hardworking dream-chaser, you need experienced, trustworthy, equally-passionate people in your corner. People to not only cheer you on but use their talents to propel you forward.

Hi, I’m Kell and you can consider me a part of that village.

With 6 years as a photographer, my work has taken me from weddings and engagements to fashion to newborns to bloggers to film sets—and all of the wild projects in between. But the audience that I return to again and again...are dreamers.

Whether on the set of a film or in my studio, my favorite work involves connecting and collaborating with other hardworking hustlers who need professional, emotive images to promote the hell out of what they’re passionate about.

So these are my two main gigs these days. (Because why pick one favorite when you can have two? Duh.)


Whether you’re an actor, model, in corporate business, part of a film crew, a creative entrepreneur, or online dater (yes, really), you need a headshot. And not just any ‘ol headshot. One that lets your personality leap off the page.

One that lights you up and makes you even hungrier to chase that dream.

One that does NOT involve an awkward, uncomfortable, dreaded experience.

And instead? An afternoon full of your favorite tunes, some bubbly, a fun-loving and super talented makeup artist, and a new friend (that’s me).

Because the right headshot can significantly impact the trajectory of your dream, so a cookie cutter shot ain’t gonna, well, cut it.

On-Set Stills

I specialize in stills photography—producing those critical, behind the scenes images for feature films, short films, music videos, and web series. Think of me as the creative spark that displays the heart of the story you’re telling with photographs.

I work without ego, discretely and adaptably on set, making your production, cast, and crew look incredible all while creating meaningful press for your film.
I’ll document the collaboration, the synergy, the hard work and the spontaneity of your film.

My on-set experience includes stills photography for more than 13 films and projects.

[For the official rundown, you can visit my IMDB page here.]

I’ll end this party with some things that put a big smile on my face, in hopes they do the same for you:

  • Playing into a stereotype and singing “Land Down Under” by Men at Work at karaoke
  • Playing tourist in both my own city and new ones (I’ve never met a road trip I didn’t like.)
  • Spontaneous off-road camping adventures under the stars with a roaring fire and sticky fingers from too many s’mores.
  • The kind of good, serious coffee that makes you want to kiss someone.
  • Cinematography + lighting: capturing it, recreating it, chasing it. Natural, studio, you name it, I’m obsessed with its power in my craft.


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